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Head of School

Welcome to American Classical Academy Rutherford!

We are pleased that you have chosen our institution to partner with in the important task of raising your child to be virtuous – demonstrating good character; and to have a sound mind full of knowledge. At American Classical Academy Rutherford (ACAR) our mission is to train the minds and develop character in students through a content-rich Classical Education in the liberal arts and sciences utilizing instruction in the principles of moral practices and civic virtue.  This is difficult work, but we believe that in building an institution that daily commits to housing individuals who a) practice decorum, b) read and dialogue about great books and ideas to gain significant understanding, and c) learn for the sake of learning, we will form students who seek the truth, do the good, and relish the beautiful.

It is our intention to fashion individuals who demonstrate courage, moderation, justice, responsibility, friendship, prudence, and wisdom.  Students will come to know and embody these traits through the purposeful communication of these traits by school faculty and through students and families committing to successfully taking on the work necessary to find success in learning a rigorous, content-rich classical curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences. As a school, we are keenly aware of the central role that families have in the formation of their children. It is our hope and expectation to partner with each family. We hope that each day families are able to model good behavior and to support the accomplishment of the academic work presented in the various coursework.

With great anticipation, I look forward to the coming school year. I look forward to working with students, their families, and with ACAR staff in a shared effort to build a school that produces students who are thoughtful and learned individuals that habituate moral and virtuous behaviors.


Phillip Schwenk
Head of School
American Classical Academy Rutherford

Now Hiring K-12 Teachers

Interested in being an educator at ACAR? We are now hiring teachers grades K-5. Join us in our mission to train the minds and develop the characters of our students!