Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of American Classical Academy Rutherford (ACAR) is to train the minds and develop character in students through a content-rich Classical Education in the liberal arts and sciences utilizing instruction in the principles of moral practices and civic virtue.

What is Classical Education?

Classical Education is the most time-tested educational means of pursuing truth, goodness, and beauty. Rooted in centuries of tradition and dating back to the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome, it places a strong emphasis on students thinking deeply, acting compassionately, asking questions, and engaging in thoughtful discourse. ​

​A classical education covers a wide range of subjects, including literature, history, mathematics, science, philosophy, Latin, logic, rhetoric, physical education, music and art. This breadth of knowledge encourages students to seek wisdom, and make connections between various ideas and content matter.

About Us

American Classical Academy Rutherford is built on the premise that if the aim of education is human happiness, we must structure our efforts on what is most conducive to achieving that end. That begins with understanding what happiness is and is not.

The Classical Education Approach

The purpose of this approach is to teach children how to think by placing before them at each stage of learning, age-appropriate models of how one should search for truth, goodness, and beauty, and encouraging them thereby to develop the same habits of curiosity, humility, and reverence in their own studies.​

​This education, of course, is rigorous and challenging; and it is highly dependent on quality teaching. The success of the classical model shows that teachers and students are up to the task.  By instilling a love of learning and teaching students how to think deeply and adeptly, the teacher passes on the priceless legacy of enabling another to respond with philosophic acuity to a variety of different challenges and opportunities in life.

Why an ‘American’ Classical Education?​

Our commitment at ACAR to classical education is furthered by our belief that we have a civic and patriotic duty to teach the founding principles of the United States, including constitutional government, individual liberty, and the rule of law. In instilling an understanding and appreciation of America’s unique political heritage, we better enable students to search for truth, goodness, and beauty, in all its unique complexity in American history.

American classical education centers on the study of the great books of Western civilization, including classical Greek and Roman texts, works of literature, philosophy, and political thought. This approach provides students with a deep and comprehensive understanding of the intellectual and cultural foundations of Western society.

Now Hiring K-12 Teachers

Interested in being an educator at ACAR? We are now hiring teachers grades K-5. Join us in our mission to train the minds and develop the characters of our students!